Root Legacy: To the Edge of Consciousness - Cyberpunk/SciFi novel

He has broken through their defenses. They won't forgive him. But he is not alone.

Root Legacy: To the Edge of Consciousness
Root Legacy: To the Edge of Consciousness

He has broken through their defenses. They won't forgive him. But he is not alone.

Net has made a grave mistake. He is a danger to the system. To his team, he is a traitor. He is on the run in the transhuman madness of Deep City. But he is not alone as he thought.

A synaptic swarm activates in his head, leading him into the recesses of cyberspace, connecting him to himself, making him rediscover the nexus with Deva, the only woman he ever loved, and the correlation with the root of his own existence.

The Net Runner must recover the past he tried to forget. To survive an unforeseen present, and to initiate a future that shatters the very concept of consciousness.

Available in Italian.
Also available in English from November 2023.

From the introduction by Vania Russo

Cyberpunk is in some ways an extreme literary genre, generated in computer-technological contexts, but also one of social and political rupture. It echoes in the band zones of social engineering, obsessed with consciousness and anti-consciousness, and is typically rhythmic with technological progressions, music, atmospheres, and alternative perspectives on reality.
Those who write cyberpunk step into the groove of the noble fathers of a true narrative language that becomes a code for initiates and enthusiasts, contaminated with computer, political, and subcultural terms. Cyberpunk is undefined but frighteningly precise in its descriptions, which makes it feverish, hallucinatory, and apt.

Human margins

In the world sketched by Michael B. Morgan, individuals with split and incoherent personalities - remnants of humanity grafted with absurd, as well as harmful, physical and mental enhancements - float in the urban dominance of large multinational corporations and masters of data and information flows. On one side are the rulers of globalization at all costs, and on the other are the dispossessed and borderline souls who choose to either fight back, cheat the system, or give up and live on the margins.

Root Legacy

In Root Legacy, reality has no recognizable coordinates of space or time; it is like a whirlpool in which memories, dreams, emotions, desires, and visions swirl. A novel about the elusive, transparency, malaise, mental dystopia, but also about redemption, opening the mind to the new perspective of expanded consciousness.
The author will donate his royalties to the following charities
Prevent Child Abuse - America, which works to prevent child abuse and neglect.
ProtectUsKids, which promotes cybersecurity to protect children and teens from the dangers of cyberspace, especially sexual abuse.